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African Black Soap and Clair.Visage
A mighty duo for combating oily, congested and problem skin!

Richesse Anago Cleansing Paste is our biggest seller and for people exasperated with oily skin, breakouts and black heads that just can’t be shifted, this may be the answer!

Our Paste is made from Genuine African Black Soap imported directly from Ghana, West Africa sub-Sahara. It is guaranteed Fairly Traded and Certified Organic. We manufacture our pure paste here in Australia to make it as user friendly and unadulterated as possible.

In the end…we produce a 100% VEGAN, 100% Certified Organic and 97% Fair Trade product to cleanse and prepare skin for the day ahead.

This soap may take some skin a little time to get used to as it is very strong due to the slight anti-microbial effect of one of its ingredients, Agow Bark. Therefore it is ALWAYS advised to use the smallest amount possible with lots of water and then immediately rinse the skin.

Do not leave this paste on your skin as a masque. It is often confused with Moroccan Black Soap which is totally different and not a true cleansing agent.

What is the best thing about ABS? It is the enzymatic exfoliation effect of the plantain leaves, providing daily and very gentle exfoliation without mechanical disruption to the epidermal layer.

Why is this important? So many people with congestion and black heads, desperate to exfoliate and “rub the pimples and congestion away” will be tempted to use a harsh mechanical scrub. That is, a product with large and rough particulates to help keep the skin clean. This is wrong and quite damaging to any skin where “breaking the skin” can actually cause scarring. This is particularly important to avoid with younger skin. And yes the younger the person, the more tempted they are to scrub and scrub and scrub away!

What to do next?
It is vitally important to replace natural oils to the skin from washing!!! Oh yes…I hear the panic but in actual fact as I keep saying…there is good oil and bad oil and the skin’s natural defence against drying and dehydration is production of healthy and balance oil flow (sebum and water). Keeping the skin starved of natural oil will most likely exacerbate the oil production problem. Hence if you are washing your skin 10 times a day and yet have no relief from oiliness then it may be due to your sebaceous glands thinking the skin is too dry and will do everything it can to replace the oil for you.

Hydration and a tiny bit of oil is the key to mildly oily complexions.

After washing using the black soap, REMEDICA offers two options: Either pure olive squalane on it’s own or , For hydration and oil balance, Clair.visage is a great answer.

This water/oil based serum is packed with antioxidants and humectants (hydrators…primarily lecithin) which is always important for a skin that is avoiding too much or heavy nourishment.

Secondly, clair.visage offers the skin a very small amount of light and slightly astringent oils such as hazelnut and squalane to restore natural lipids without over nourishing or burdening the skin.

The serum may to some appear “sticky” thanks to the lecithin, for the first 30-60 secs which is normal and to be expected. This stickiness has nothing to do with the small amounts of oil in the product which are very fast absorbing.

Lecithin is the hydrator of choice due to its extreme natural nature and phospholipid content and its ability in formulation to produce tiny nutrient carriers called liposomes, assisting with the overall delivery of nourishment to the skin at a trans-dermal level.

Don’t want hydration, but want pH balance and nourishment for extremely sensitive skin…try squalane. (please see last months featured product).

Enjoy xx