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How To Order

How to Order

There are few things to know and consider when ordering with us:

  • We abide by a strict Security Policy that covers all your personal information. Please visit our privacy policy here.
  • Our Site has an inbuilt SSL certificate and firewall issued by Sucuri making your purchasing a safe and secure experience.
  • We accept payments via : Paypal, Stripe (all cards) and by phone.

Using Paypal: To ensure the security and authenticity of your order we ask all paypal tranactions be made through your paypal account. Paying via your paypal account (cards or direct debit) means we have a 100% guarantee that your order is authroised and you are protected against fraudulent transactions.

Using Stripe Gateway: If you wish to pay directly with your credit card, STRIPE gateway is the way to go. No membership or account is required, just add your details directly into the fields and your transaction is safely and securely processed.

All Cards are Accepted

Using Phone ordering: If you would like to place an order but are not confident about making a payment over the internet or would like to discuss your order first or delay payment then calling us is easy. Just make your order and select “by phone” and we can either talk you through the process, provide our bank account details for payment or manually process your order from our end. Please note WE DO REQUIRE you to make your order in the system before we can assist with alternate payment options or delays.

Account details and Customer Notes: When creating an account or making an order, our system will provide two address options.

  1. Billing address – this is the address your formal billing address. The name and address of the account holder making the purchase.
  2. Delivery address – this is the address your order will be delivered to. Please make sure if you are ordering as a gift or on behalf of someone else or, you have a different delivery address from your billing address, that this address is put here.
  3. Customer comments – please use this field to include any information to assist in delivery instructions, recording any conversation notes from previous contact or any other information pertinent to your order.