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    Customer Service

    How to Order

    There are few things to know and consider when ordering with us:

    • We abide by a strict Security Policy that covers all your personal information. Please visit our privacy policy here.
    • Our Site has an inbuilt SSL certificate and firewall issued by Sucuri making your purchasing a safe and secure experience.
    • We accept payments via : Paypal, Stripe (all cards) and by phone.

    Using Paypal: To ensure the security and authenticity of your order we ask all paypal tranactions be made through your paypal account. Paying via your paypal account (cards or direct debit) means we have a 100% guarantee that your order is authroised and you are protected against fraudulent transactions.

    Using Stripe Gateway: If you wish to pay directly with your credit card, STRIPE gateway is the way to go. No membership or account is required, just add your details directly into the fields and your transaction is safely and securely processed.

    All Cards are Accepted

    Using Phone ordering: If you would like to place an order but are not confident about making a payment over the internet or would like to discuss your order first or delay payment then calling us is easy. Just make your order and select “by phone” and we can either talk you through the process, provide our bank account details for payment or manually process your order from our end. Please note WE DO REQUIRE you to make your order in the system before we can assist with alternate payment options or delays.

    Account details and Customer Notes: When creating an account or making an order, our system will provide two address options.

    1. Billing address – this is the address your formal billing address. The name and address of the account holder making the purchase.
    2. Delivery address – this is the address your order will be delivered to. Please make sure if you are ordering as a gift or on behalf of someone else or, you have a different delivery address from your billing address, that this address is put here.
    3. Customer comments – please use this field to include any information to assist in delivery instructions, recording any conversation notes from previous contact or any other information pertinent to your order.


    REMEDICA ships to all international destinations. In general we do not guarantee shipment confirmations / insurance to Indonesia, African, and some countries of South America. If you have any questions relating to these destinations please contact us directly by email for clarification.

    National Postage and Courier Services

    REMEDICA uses 2 forms of delivery to Australian destinations:

    1. Australia Post ( Physical Street Address, PO Boxes, Locked Bags etc). Tracking information on request can be sent via email confirming route.
    1. SENDLE courier services (Physical Street Address ONLY). All tracking is sent automatically via customer’s provided email address. please ensure your email address is correct for this information.

    Once your order has been submitted a confirmation of your order will be sent by email and usually an estimated time of fulfillment (from receiving order – preparation – dispatch from our warehouse). In some circumstances (such as national or regional delays in postage or delivery services) this estimate may change or be inaccurate.

    International Shipping/Orders

    REMEDICA uses 1 form of delivery to International destinations:

    1. Australia Post ( Physical Street Address). Tracking information on request can be sent via email confirming route. Please ensure your address details are clear and correct. Please also include contact phone number for delivery assistance.

    Confirmed international orders will usually be dispatched within 2-3 Business Days from confirmation/authorization.

    Customs and Duties: All customs and import duties are applied when your shipment reaches the destination country. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges and we cannot estimate them due to rate fluctuations according to location. All customs and import fees are solely your responsibility and will not be refunded by REMEDICA. If applicable please contact your local customs office for details on how charges will be applied in your area.

    Please note: Perfume and volatile goods cannot be shipped internationally.

    Shipping Preferences : We recommend that all orders clearly nominate the delivery address IF different from the billing address. Please also remember to leave any specific instructions for delivery in the comments section of your order.

    Shipping prices are based on destination, class of shipping service and gross weight of product. We do not include handling fees (postage boxes, envelopes etc) in our costing. We only charge for the total weight of your purchased products e.g a single signature organic soap will be averaged out to 0.250g and if purchasing (5) then the total weight will be quoted as 5 x 0.250g etc.

    Returns and Product Guarantee

    At REMEDICA Australia we stand behind every product we sell. REMEDICA, in using only the highest grade of organic, certified organic and natural ingredients in combination with advanced naturally derived actives, we deliver quality, integrity and effectiveness to all our customers. Our product is manufactured in quality controlled clean facilities, with a core product range manufactured under certified organic protocols.

    Most products will have an overall accepted shelf life of up to 18 months UNOPENED.

    To preserve and extend the quality and life of your product: keep product lid closed when not in use, keep out of direct sunlight and store below 27ºC.

    REMEDICA Australia has always and will continue to offer a 100% Purchase Price Money Back on all products. If you are not absolutely satisfied with any purchase, for any reason, we will happily provide a prompt refund, credit, or exchange for the purchase price (not including shipping).


    We ask that the return products include:

    ► Original packaging is included when the product is process to be returned.

    ► Original Purchase Order / Invoice MUST BE INCLUDED. As REMEDICA offers promotions from time to time, we ask that the purchase invoice/receipt be included with the returned goods.

    ► Please be sure to indicate the reason for the return so we can strive to improve our service and product quality.

    Please note that you are responsible for the safe return of merchandise.

    Trying a product for the first time? We strongly recommend when applying a product for the first time to use it separately and not combined with your other products to make sure it suits your skin. If you apply all your products together you will not know how to identify any/if at all problems associated with the suitability of product for your skin.

    Return Address

    Simply return your purchase with the above information. Our return address is:

    PO BOX 1428 Cronulla St,
    Cronulla NSW 2230 Australia

    We are so sure that within 3 weeks of trying REMEDICA you will see a difference in skin, feel a difference and experience the same assurance we have with what we devote so much time in producing skin care that works, that loves skin and that you love using.

    Privacy Policy

    REMEDICA Australia Pty Ltd is committed to complying with its legal obligations under the National Privacy Act. If you require further information regarding the guidelines, please visit

    Collection and Use of Personal Information
    So that we may to provide better service to our valued customers, we may request personal details such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and so on. The personal information that we collect is generally used for record keeping purposes and so that we may properly serve, promote and market our products to you. We do not use your personal information for any purpose other than for the purpose for which it was collected. If you do not wish us to contact you in relation to such services, please contact us. We do not provide or sell your personal information to third parties.

    Storage and Security of Personal Information
    REMEDICA Australia Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring all collected personal information is protected from unauthorised access, disclosure misuse or modification.Your personal information is protected and stored in a secure electronic database. We undertake to remove your personal information when it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected.

    Access to Personal Information
    Upon proof and verification of identity, (for the protection of the confidentiality of the personal information of yourself and others) we will allow you with access to any personal information you have provided us with if you feel the information is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.

    Amendments to our Privacy Policy
    We may amend our Privacy Policy from time to time in order to remain compliant with all of our legal obligations.

    Social Media
    When you use our social media pages, you are using an external site and are therefore bound by the privacy principles of that site.

    We encourage you to review the privacy policies of that site for further information. REMEDICA Australia Pty Ltd does not endorse, and is not accountable for any views expressed by third parties using that site.

    If you have any questions in relation to our Privacy Policy, we invite you to contact us.