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    Richesse de l’Afrique : Baobab Vit C Fruit Masque
    For Boosting Collagen Production, Stimulating Circulation, Revitalising Texture and Hydration, this masque will leave your skin glowing and milky soft!

    A rich, potent fruit pulp based facial masque for normal to dry and mature skin.

    Baobab Fruit is one of the highest sources of Vitamin C and the dried powder is also full complexion loving minerals and other vitamins that your skin will love.

    A ready make cream masque loaded with humectants, minerals, proteins and only a touch of clay. This potent nutrient and hydrating mask covers a myriad of benefits including:

    • Decongesting skin
    • Hydration
    • Restoring Clarity and Vitality to lack lustre skin
    • Softening and Smoothing
    • Encouraging production of Collagen and skin nutrition.